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Play the ring! Sticks down!

When an On-Ice Official is yelling "Play the ring" or "Sticks down" it is usually because there is an infraction occurring that is illegal, but has not yet caused a material change in advantage - and therefore there is no penalty to be called yet. (see The First Principle of Officiating).

Often this is due to using your body or stick to interfere on a play, or due to over enthusiastic checking that is getting too high - up near the hands, etc.

When you hear an Official calling these phrases out, consider what you're doing and pull back if you think you're at fault. If a material change of advantage does occur - you're likely to get a penalty.


2017-2018 R4U Information!

Ringettes R4U program is geared towards players age 3-8 who are interested in playing ringette.  A great way to introduce your child to this lifetime sport!  Please email Eastmanringette@gmail.com for more information!




This yeasr the Western Canadian Ringette Championships (WCRCs) were held in Winnipeg duirng March 23 to 25.  Eastman was represented by the U14AA Flames and the U16A Eastman Heat.  The Eastman Heat had a great tournament and finished with a bronze medal.  The Eastman Heat also won two of the skills competition events (agility skating - M. Johnson and fastest skater - M. Uhryniuk) and the team title for the skills competition with the best overall score based on 4 events (agility skating, accuracy shooting, fastest skater and goalie).  In addition to these accomplishments, M. Uhryniuk was also named to the U16A All Star team.    

Although the U14AA Flames didn't medal, they played very well and lost a couple of close games.  Their goalie (K. Davies) won the goalie skills competition and was named to the U14AA All Star team.


U16A Eastman Heat

Congratulations to both Eastman teams for a great season and a great WCRCs.




The Winnipeg Ringette League (WRL) playoffs concluded on Sunday, March 12 for another season.  Eastman was well represented by 20 teams competing in 12 of the 14 loops that make up the U10 to U19 Divisions.  Eastman teams did very well again this year caputring a total of 9 medals (5 gold and 4 silver).  It is a tremendous accomplishment that 9 medals were won in 12 loops.  A summary of the WRL playoffs medals won is provided below.     

Eastman's Medal Tally at the WRL Playoffs

U10A1 Silver - Springfield
U10A2 Gold - Lorette, Silver - Beausejour 
U10A4 Gold - Red River Rage
U12A1 Gold - Springfield
U12A2 Silver - Springfield
U14B Gold - Red River Rage
U16B Gold - Springfield
U19B Silver - Red River Wild


U14B Gold Medalists - Red River Rage

Congratulations to all the Eastman teams that competed in the WRL playoffs and good luck to those of you moving on to Provincials.       




Two teams and six players from Eastman will be attending the Western Canadian Ringette Championships (WCRCs) being held in Winnipeg during March 22 to 25.  The Eastman Flames U14AA team finished the regular season in first place and won a sliver medal at the Provincial Championships.  The U16A Eastman Heat team finished the regaular season in third place and also won a silver medal at the Provincial Championships.  Both teams will be representing Manitoba as host teams during he upcoming WCRCs.

East End's U19A team will also be attending the WCRCs as a host team but their roster will include six players from Eastman.  H. Dornian, A. Laliberty, E. Dupuis, T. Reimer, B. Wielgosh and B. Johnson are hoping to help East End in their quest for a medal at the WCRCs.

Congratulations to all the Eastman players on  a great regular season and good luck during the WCRCs.

U14AA Flames

U16A Eastman Heat



 November 2017 


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